Starting An Exercise Program At 50+ is a blueprint for getting the most out of an exercise program. It covers the most important aspects of starting an exercise program in an easy to understand fashion. While embarking on a fitness program can seem overwhelming this course will help take the guesswork out of the program and put you on the path to reaching your goals. In addition you’ll be starting a program in a safe manner. So you’ll have greater success with the program and lessen the chances of becoming injured. 

Glen Carrigan

A graduate from Frostburg State University, Glen earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education. He has been passionately involved in the fitness industry for 30 years. Currently, He is active as a personal trainer, fitness consultant, and health coach. 

Glen holds several nationally recognized certifications including the prestigious ACE Gold Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and the ACE Gold Certified Personal Trainer certification. Glen’s newest certification is as a Health Coach with the American Council on Exercise.

In addition to his fitness certifications Glen owned and operated Progressive Health & Fitness Center for almost 10 years and is the author of several fitness books including, ‘Practical Strength Training, Health & Fitness, and Exercise & Weight Control’.

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Strength Training Principles

You will learn how to safely and effectively begin a strength training program. Some of the topics covered include the many benefits of strength training (including some you'll be surprised by), guidelines on sets/reps, exercises to include in the program, as well as the seven movement patterns key to being strong in areas of essential movement.

Cardiovascular Guidelines

Understand how to properly engage in cardiovascular exercise. You'll learn how to measure/determine exercise intensity, how much is enough, different types, and the many benefits.

Stretching & Triggerpoint

One of the most overlooked parts on an exercise program but one of the most needed. Stretching and especially triggerpoint is a key component of feeling youthful. This course provides the basics of these principles and educates you on how to perform it correctly. In addition 5-10 minutes most days fo the week is time well spent.